Membership Letter

 Hello to all you clock & watch lovers and friends.

Last year for the reasons I stated in our previous newsletter, we we’re not able to send out our usual dues notices. Attached you will find a form to print, fill out and mail back to us with your $10 donation check. Please do this in a timely manner and fill out the form in it’s entirety as we are trying to update our files with everyone’s phone number and address.  If you do not have the ability to print out the form you can simply provide the information on a handwritten sheet of paper or if you wish contact me and I will gladly mail you the form.

 Because we were not able last year to ask for dues/donation money please feel free to send us an additional $10 to help keep chapter 180 financially viable. On occasion, I have been asked what do we do with our money? Let me give you a few examples: advertisement brochures and promotional material for the museum, materials to build displays for our clocks and watches, direct costs such as renting forklifts and trucks to move large clock movements or large collections to the museum. Of course, we also need the typical funding to keep our chapter up and running....government fees, checking account fees, post office box fee, etc. I think you get the picture with this fee business.

   Although not a done deal, we are looking at receiving what I would call a functioning “steam punk clock” made entirely out of farm equipment and tractor parts. This Clock would be most appropriate for AGSEM. It stands 25 feet tall and is currently located in northern California. It will take a large effort with heavy equipment to move and transport the clock to Vista and re erect it. Again, there is considerable cost involved here. If you are able to make a donation or pledge to this project we would greatly appreciate it.

That’s it for keep em ticking,

                                         Andre Perreault

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